The Freestyle Sports SNSD Wallpaper HD will Light up Your Desktop

Do you like decorating your desktop with SNSD wallpaper HD? If you say yes, then you might have tons of collections of SNSD wallpaper. Indeed, the beauty of SNSD members will light up your desktop, especially if you are a fan. Talking about SNSD wallpaper, there must be so many pictures of them made into wallpaper. They can transform into many different styles for each pictures. Once they will look cute and sweet, then they can look sexy and dangerous, then might look casual and cool. The best thing about them is that they can fit all those themes of photo shoot very well. One of SNSD’s pictures that is turned into SNSD wallpaper HD and will light your desktop more is the one they posed for Freestyle Sports.

SNSD and Freestyle Sports
Freestyle Sports is a game brand from JCE. They were collaborating with SNSD as a part of their marketing strategy. They were promoting three games; “Freestyle”, “Freestyle Football”, and “Freestyle2”. Each game has three of SNSD’s members as the characters. That way, JCE aimed for a better selling as SNSD has been an established Korean group.

The Sporty Side of SNSD
The games are not the one discussed here. What might interest you is the picture SNSD has posed for the promotion of the brand. Indeed, it has been quite long since the picture was taken but the charm doesn’t go away. When it is turned into SNSD wallpaper HD, it will deliver different feeling. This is because the style that the members are into in the picture is the sporty one. Most of them still wear miniskirts in the picture. However, they put sporty taste in it using some sporty items like socks and sneaker wedges. Yoona, who stands in the middle, wears the sportiest outfit. With tank top, mini sport skirt, leggings, and sport shoes, she looks gorgeous and ready to do the freestyle sports.

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SNSD cute girl

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