Tim Duncan Wallpaper for San Antonio Spurs and NBA Lovers

If love San Antonio Spurs of NBA more than any other famous basketball team, Tim Duncan wallpaper may be a thing that is no longer strange for you. Moreover, it is so possible for you to already have this kind of wallpaper in your personal computer. It cannot be denied that he is a quite popular basketball player, who is, until now, still show his good performance even if it can be said that here is a rather senior player.

His Career in Basketball

As a famous basketball player, it is so true that Tim Duncan is recently known because of his play in San Antonio Spurs. One thing that is found to be quite interesting about this is the fact that this team is in fact the one that he is in since the beginning of his career as a basketball player. It is known that 1997 was the year when he first joined in the team until present. From the very beginning also, his number is 21. This may be the reason why all Tim Duncan wallpaper that can be found at this point of time always shows him with his number 21 basketball uniform.

The Stunning Look of Tim Duncan in the Wallpaper

You may already know that football player is also connected to good-looking, tall, cool, and some sort of things. Of course, the same thing can also be seen in all Tim Duncan wallpaper. Especially for him, the wallpaper is decorated more often with his picture, name, and number but not really the logo of his basketball team. Sometimes, the wallpaper also contains his pose that seems to be purposely made for wallpaper or something else instead of the image of him when playing basketball. This is where he looks so stunning and of course, this kind of pose is also loved quite much by ladies who also love to watch basketball game, especially when there is San Antonio Spurs in it.

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