Tips on Bathroom Remodeling Idea

To remodel your existing bathroom can be done in many ways. It is either renewing the look, replacing the former cabinets, or even adding more storage area. However, if the budget is pretty limited, there are still many ways to do the bathroom remodeling. Here are some tips to get the remodeling done without reconstructing the space and spending too much money.

Replace the Old and Space-Taking Fixtures

It is now time to update the fixtures. If you are still using an old and pretty big bathtub, it is a good idea to replace it with simple and modern shower which does not take too much space. A wall-mounted sink with the drawers beneath is also a great idea to replace your old cabinets.

 Tile Designs Renewal

This bathroom remodeling idea is considerably worth a try. If you have a plain and monotonous bathroom design, decorate it with accent tiles in some spots only. You can apply the decorative tiles surrounding the bathtub or the mirror above the sink. It will make an eye-catching appearance to your bathroom. Another alternative is to apply the different-colored tiles. For example, you can use the tile colors from the lightest to the darkest one to make a smooth transition. To make it unified, add some stuff like towels or cabinets in the same tone.

Repaint the Furniture

If you decide to practise the second bathroom remodeling idea above and you are confusing about making it unified, there is an alternative. After redesigning the bathroom using decorative tiles, you can simply paint the existing furniture without replacing one with the same color. It is a perfect idea not only to unify it with the whole concept, but also to freshen up the appearance. You can also replace the cabinet pulls to create a new look with inexpensive cost.

small-fun-green-wall-bathroom-remodeling-idea-with-modern-waterless-toilet-white-cool-vanity-beautiful-custom-shape-mirror simple-bathroom-remodeling-with-low-budget-with-modern-waterless-toilet-kohler-memoirs-bidet-in-biscuit-soaking-tub-marble-tile-for-wall-and-wall small-bathroom-remodel-black-vanity-marble-on-top-modern-toilet-black-tile-shower-base-luxury-mirror small-bathroom-remodel-with-shower-space-with-rain-style-nickel-shower-head-batroom-shelf-grab-bar-white-toilet small-bathroom-remodel-with-vanity-in-cherry-with-beige-marble-vanity-top-in-cream-with-white-basin-wall-irror-vanity-lamp-american-standarts-toilet-towel-bar small-bathroom-remodelling-idea-with-florals-wallpaper-for-wall-decoration-beautiful-red-clawfoot-bathub-white-toilet-chrome-table-towel-bar small-bathroom-renovation-remodeling-ideas-with-shower-space-beauty-tile-for-wall-and-flooring-completed-with-corner-bathub