Tips in Applying Motives living room shelves

Play of colors to the interior may be creating a visual in your house. Besides color, motives can be used as a complementary to the color of the interior. Motives of living room shelves can also create an atmosphere of life, as more of its own dynamic, creative, and excited. E.g. motives a vertical line can create impressions a room that is higher. However, a mistake in application of motive will make the room looks dorky and destructive the interior. Therefore take tips following to motives can beautify the interior of you. Select one of the walls which will be made as backdrop.

Give the color of neutral on an area of backdrop and not contrasted with a motive will be used. For example, use of a white color to backdrop then complete with curtains or shelves which had motives. Should it use only motive in furniture that is small in size. Furniture of living room shelves as large as the sofa and a closet rendered unnecessary motives. If they use the one feels monotonous, motives use two motives all at once and use creativity of you. Try to motives that you use owned in common or complementary.

For example by using two different motives but having a color that appropriate, you will get new motives that is visible found each other. Apply them the size of a motive that vary in one field. The plan was for each motive does not compete with other motives. Combine it with motives of small size, medium and large of living room shelves at random. If you want to use a motive for furniture that supersized, should vote for a motive that supersized. The use of motives of other small furniture that less large will create the impression which too crowded and narrow. On the other hand small pieces of furniture fit with a motive supersized or small. The playpen and living rooms needs a being attractive and ardent.

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