Tips to Make Small Bathroom Look Larger

It is quite challenging to outsmart a tiny bathroom to feel larger without adding more space or reconstructing the room. It is actually just a matter of how we decorate the not-so-big bathroom itself. You can play with the visualization and lighting. Here are some tricks to make your tiny bathroom look bigger.

Choose Bright and Soft Colors

It is recommended for you to paint the wall cool and soft like white or pastel. You might add some contrastive colors to create an ornament and extraordinary look. But don’t let dark or too strong colors dominate your bathroom. Neutral colors basically make your bathroom feel calm and serene.

You are also suggested to uniform the other stuff like sink, cabinet, or even the towels.

 Add Extra Lighting

It is a good idea to brighten up your small bathroom by adding extra lighting. Or if you want to reconstruct the ceiling, you might add the skylight on the roof or provide larger windows so you will get more lighting in the morning or afternoon without raising the wattage.

 Provide More Efficient Vanity Cabinet

A vanity cabinet usually takes the most space in a bathroom. The storage is surely useful but we can still function the storage without taking up too much space. Replacing the vanity with a wall-mounted sink is worth a try. Therefore, you probably have to consider the flooring if you want to replace the vanity. In case if you do not want to replace or remove anything, you can make use of your walls to store your needs. By burying your bottles of shampoo into the walls, you will get an extra storage.

 Use Clear Glass
Textured glass is mostly used in the shower since people want more private area. However, it will make your small bathroom smaller. Using clear glass is an alternative to visually provide more space.

simple-small-bathroom-remodeling-ideas-with-corner-shower-space-wall-mounted-sink-modern-toilet-rectangular-mirror small-baathroom-design-with-wall-mirror-brick-style-wall-shower-space-with-glass-space-wall-mounted-sink-with-nickel-faucet small-bathroom-completed-with-modern-vanity-in-antique-white-with-two-under-mount-sinks-golden-faucet-double-big-wall-mirror-beautify-with-vanity-light-towel-bar-and-pendant-light small-bathroom-design-for-girl-with-mozaic-tile-flooring-wall-mounted-sink-modern-purple-toilet-walking-bathub-with-curtain small-bathroom-layout-appealing-minimalist-white-bathroom-furnitures-design-with-white-cabinet-vessel-sink-and-mirror-in-white-bathroom-nuance-best-concept-ideas-white-ceramic-flooring