The Variety of Wallpaper HD Dragon for Your Computer

At this point of time, wallpaper hd dragon is available in a wider variety of design. It is now not only limited in the classic design of dragon which is always pictured as a kind of long and huge snake that has 4 legs with claws and has the ability to fly or breathe fire as found in Chinese culture. Right now, the design of dragon is not always like that and can be said to be quite suitable to the personal taste of nowadays people.

 Dragon with Wings

The first example of difference that can be found in nowadays wallpaper hd dragon is the addition of wings. If in old culture dragon was never pictured with wings, nowadays dragon seems to be made with a more realistic design. This can be said to be so because of the fact that the ability to fly that dragon owns will look more realistic if there is a pair of wings on its back. Even if dragon is still a mythical creature, at least this design makes it reasonable for dragon to fly, right?

 Dragon in Large Variety of Colors

Other than wings, wallpaper hd dragon is also more interesting nowadays because the dragon is available in more choices of color. Of course, these are including some colors that used to be considered as not suitable for dragon, including blue, purple and many others. Sometimes, the color of fire breath that the dragon has is made to match the main color of it. Even if the design of nowadays dragon is quite different, still dragon is a perfect theme to use in computer desktop especially because it can be used as the symbol of no-fear, braveness, manliness, and some others. This makes dragon wallpaper to be more suitable for men than women.

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