Various Design of FC Barcelona Wallpaper

FC Barcelona wallpaper is wallpaper that is inspired from FC Barcelona which is no other else but the football club Barcelona. This club was established for the first time in the year of 1899. Until now, this club is still known to be active playing in many games and championship and certainly, just like any other football club that is still available at this point of time, it has quite a lot of fans that is not only spread in Barcelona but also in all over the world.

Basic Design of the Wallpaper

When talking about the design of fc barcelona wallpaper it is certainly interesting for us to talk about the basic design first. Certainly, the basic design of this wallpaper is inspired by the logo of this club that can be said to be dominated with yellow, blue, red, and also purple colors, which are also known to be the color used in the uniforms of this football club. In this basic design, those colors are not only seen in the logo design that is also involved in the wallpaper but also in the background color.

Other Variety of Design of the Wallpaper

Other than the basic design that is applied in the fc barcelona wallpaper, certainly there are a lot more designs that can be found at this point of time. Usually, this design involves other color that can make the logo design of the club to be bolder, such as black color that is so perfect to be used as background color of the wallpaper. Other than the use of other color, sometimes the wallpaper is also adorned with the image of one or more players of the club. This is something that makes the wallpaper to be even more popular because fans usually have special players that are loved the most.

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