Zebra Bedroom Decor For Zebra Lovers

This animal has a unique motif, black and white, and that’s because it is unique, many people are inspired to make one of the rooms in the house with shades of black and white. Shades of black and white we can apply to bathroom decor, living room decor, or we can also implement it on zebra bedroom decor. The equipment needed is also not difficult, we need to buy some furniture or zebra patterned material like this. To buy such motive is not difficult, because now many people who sell this motif. We can choose the color that we like.
For the bedroom wall, we can paint one wall with black and white shades, such as the zebra, while the other walls a solid color. We can decorate it with a variety of photos, or we can decorate with various accessories with a pattern of black and white, like a picture frame with a black and white motif. Or we can paint the walls of a room with a zebra image. An electrical outlet we can also paste accessories zebra patterned. In addition we can also hang ornament your name in
zebra bedroom decor, with a zebra motif.
Upon completion of our decorative wall room, then we move on to the furniture issue our room. We can match the color of black and white with other colors, such as pink, purple or any other color that contrasts with the black and white colors. We can use a bed sheet, pillow, and there is also a bed cover with zebra motif. There is also some furniture that has a zebra motif, such as chairs, cabinets, sofas, mirrors, etc. Other additions are such as curtains, carpets, etc.  Can also be added to increase the effect of
zebra bedroom decor. Actually zebra motif is not always black and white sometimes there are also purple and white, black pink, etc. If we do like this motive we can choose a motif like what you want for your room.